I’m sorry it’s been so long between posts!

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  I’m feeling like my world is very busy.  And I’m certainly not saying that because I think I’m the only one who has that feeling.  In part I’ve decided my world is busy by looking at the to-do list of jobs for this week but also because I can’t quite believe it’s been over twelve months since I posted a blog. I’ve written a few blogs during that time but never published them ……for one reason or another. For some of my writing, I wrote and then wasn’t quite happy with it....

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Aren’t we lucky.

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We live in a weatherboard farm house.  The kind of house that started out as four rooms and a verandah but has had that verandah enclosed and rooms added on over many years.  This is the wood stove in our kitchen, still in its original position.  Two big bakery-style doors on each side and the wood box in the middle. It hasn’t been used for a few years now, primarily because it needs some internal repairs, but we wouldn’t dream of removing it.  Generations of Harrington’s have cooked on it or stood on the hearth to warm...

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The English backpackers.

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Today we said farewell (for now) to our most recent travelling couple, Ben & Carly. With us for just over 4 months we have very much enjoyed getting to know them and working with them, doing many of the everyday farm jobs and some special projects too (check out the pic below of our marvellous new chook palace, home of the Fosterville Four!). Instead of me telling you about their stay with us, I asked them to write a blog post about their time at Fosterville. We wish Ben & Carly safe travels on the next part of their Aussie...

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If it has a name, it has a story.

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  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about mustering & droving sheep home along the road in preparation for shearing. In the blog I referred to a paddock we call Mooreheads and a hill we call O’Dwyers. The other day I was talking to someone who had recently read the blog and they asked me “who are the Mooreheads and the O’Dwyers?” A perfectly reasonable question. To answer it requires some further explanation, because in thinking about it, everything around here has a name because it also has a story. Lets...

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It’s a long walk for little legs.

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We started shearing today. It’s made this week a busy one as mobs of ewes and lambs have had to be brought home to the paddocks around the house, to the yards, drafted and put in the shed to ensure they are dry for the shearers. While some mobs have been trucked home, others have made the trip home on foot. One of yesterday’s jobs was to walk the mob home from Mooreheads – a paddock down the road, about 4kms from home. There was a time when Tim’s dad would have done a job like this on his own, on horseback, with a dog or...

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How a bag of manure can make you cross.

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It’s perhaps not the first time it has happened but today it has really made me cross. In the bigger picture of all things farming, in fact of all things life, it is probably not that high on the list, not even near the top, but has made me cross nonetheless. And I am not one to get cross often! As those who have ‘surfed our website’ may know, we sell bagged manure at our front gate. It started as a bit of a lark just over a year ago. We bought a caravan (I call it a vintage van because it is nearly as old as I am) in the...

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It’s not all beer and skittles, this farming business.

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Tim’s father taught him well. At any one time we have about 100 cows and nearly as many calves. That’s about 200 cattle all up. Tim knows all the cows …….by their colour and markings ………by their ear tag colour and number ………their age and how many calves they have had ……which bull they are out of …….which bull they are in calf to ……which calf belongs to which cow ….. which cow is quiet enough to foster a calf. That’s a lot of detail....

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head reisi ….. that’s Estonian for happy travelling!

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Sometimes it is helpful to have an extra pair of hands around the place. You know, to help with all those jobs you have on the list that you would like to get done but don’t get done because there is always something more urgent to attend to, jobs which take priority when there is limited time or simply not enough hands to help.  At Lucerne Grove the list of such jobs is extensive! A while ago a conversation with friends of ours who are dairy farmers at Dingee gave us the confidence to place an ad on Gumtree for a short term farm...

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Somewhere else to find us!

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  Some excitement in the Three Farmers camp this week as some of our barbed wire range can now be found at the View Point Handmade Gallery in Bendigo (opposite the Fountain). We share a space with the beautiful cards produced by Calumma Images – If you are in Bendigo drop by the Gallery, they stock some really lovely items or check out their website –...

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Derby and Evo.

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As with most cattle breeding enterprises, there are some essential elements. For us, that’s bulls. Meet the lads currently in residence at Lucerne Grove. On the left is Tataila Evolution (aka Evo, 3.5 years old) and on the right is Tataila Derby (aka Derby, 4.5 years old), both bred by Ham Family Shorthorns at Moama. On this particular day these lads were having a disagreement. It all started when we wanted to bring a mob of cows and calves home to the yards.  Evo was in the mob we were mustering and was happily ambling along when...

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