Hay and Mulch

Three Farmers are suppliers of hay, mulch and straw across a wide variety of applications – stock feed, garden mulch, bedding and straw bale house construction.

While each season it may be different, we grow a variety of hay types which are either round baled or small square baled each year.

Dependent on seasonal availability, we may have any of the following hay available for sale:

  • Lucerne
  • Oaten
  • Pasture
  • Straw (triticale, barley, wheaten or oaten)

In recent times, we have supplied small squares of straw to people building straw bale houses.

Our straw has been baled (small squares or round bales) using stubble from whatever grain crop we have harvested during the prior season  Suitable for most garden & vegie beds straw is an excellent mulch material.

The benefits of mulching include:

  • Water conservation – mulch assists in slowing moisture evaporation from your soil, which in turn reduces the demand for watering.
  • Helps insulate the soil to maintain an even temperature & can protect plants from weather extremes such as frost.
  • Assists in weed suppression.
  • Encourages beneficial soil organisms and earthworms.
  • Mulch adds organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. This improves soil structure and aids drainage.
  • Can protect soil from compaction and erosion.

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