From little things big things grow.

Posted by on May 20, 2013 in Around the farm

Hansford's Des

This time, I’m pleased to introduce another member of the Three Farmers team, Des.

Des is a 5 year old silver and tan kelpie and is currently Lucerne Grove’s head dog.  While he can work dry cattle, with some assistance from Tim, he can work sheep anywhere around the farm – in the paddock, in the yards and in the shed.

Like most working dogs, when Des is not on the job he is tied up, hanging out at his kennel under the big ash tree below the vegie garden or on the back of the ute.  At our meal times, if Des is off the chain, he will sit patiently on the back door mat next to Tim’s boots waiting for him to finish lunch and start the next job on the list.

When he arrived at Lucerne Grove, Hansford’s Des (that’s his official name) was just a little pup, 8 weeks old and had the bluest eyes.  He spent hours pestering Fly to play a game and got well and truly under the skin of Lexie Miller, our aged collie x kelpie (who was also known as Cranky Nana for her intolerance of small pups).

Laughingly, as a pup we called him Desi-do-little but around the age of 6 months, after countless hours accompanying Tim wherever he went, regular and controlled interactions with the stock and a strong natural instinct, he became Desi-do-something.  And he hasn’t looked back.

Des at work, May 2013