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From little things big things grow.

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This time, I’m pleased to introduce another member of the Three Farmers team, Des. Des is a 5 year old silver and tan kelpie and is currently Lucerne Grove’s head dog.  While he can work dry cattle, with some assistance from Tim, he can work sheep anywhere around the farm – in the paddock, in the yards and in the shed. Like most working dogs, when Des is not on the job he is tied up, hanging out at his kennel under the big ash tree below the vegie garden or on the back of the ute.  At our meal times, if Des is off the chain, he will sit patiently on the back door mat next...

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Let’s all hope it’s Plan 2.

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Something has definitely changed in the last few weeks. We’ve gone through December, January and February doing the usual – harvest, hay, straw and livestock management. We’ve had a couple of ‘rain events’.  Their timing was handy for us and they nearly filled the house tanks just as we were about to buy water, but it’s fair to say they seem a long time ago. We got to March and Tim started thinking about preparation for weaning calves and planning for cropping. There’s super to bring home, seed to buy or oats to bag out from the silo, final decisions...

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Its a dogs life ……and maybe a cats too.

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I was thinking that I needed to introduce you to some of the other members of the team here at Three Farmers ……the four legged ones. Meet Fly, 9 year old black and tan kelpie and Taco, Chief-in-Charge of mice. Fly is my dog. Born here on the farm (her mum is Poss, one of our other kelpies), the intention was for her to be a worker until a hip injury as a puppy interrupted the program. She spends most of her time loitering around the place, cautiously checking out visitors to the house and sleeping.  Consequently she is often referred to as the laziest dog in Fosterville.  She...

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Here goes …..

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So here it is – my first blog. When I started the process of thinking about our website and talking to my web guru, James from Pogo, I had to try to paint a picture for him over the phone about us, the farm, where we lived, what we did.  Along the way he commented to me that our story and what we did as farmers was really intersting and that we should share this as other people would be interested too. And as we developed the site and we told family and friends what we were doing they said similar things to James. I guess it remains to be seen whether they are right but you...

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